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  1. No, it was for moving our band equipment. That was 1970. jerol
  2. That was my second car. First was a 66 MG Midget. Third was a 58 Metro Step Van. jerol
  3. I bought my Cornwalls new in 1976. jerol
  4. The other Hunt brother. jerol
  5. JerolW

    Cubs and Indians

    Yay Cubs, I guess. jerol
  6. JerolW

    Cubs and Indians

    Since my Giants are not in it, I will root for the Cubs. NL. jerol
  7. JerolW


    I'm not surprised that the bullpen collapsed in the ninth. It's happened so many times this season. I will root for the Cubs, though, now that the Giants are out. Brokenhearted. jerol
  8. JerolW


    Go Giants. jerol
  9. I hope my fridge doesn't blow up. jerol
  10. Wings 1976 - Kingdome Jimi 1967 - Fillmore West Grateful Dead 1983 - Red Rocks to name a few. jerol
  11. I don't know if this is considered high-end, but I have a KSW-15 I'm not using. jerol
  12. I'm a big fan of Vizio. I have two now. Costco has a 70 for sale now http://www.costco.com/.product.100288866.html?&EMID=B2C_2016_0822_1183_SKII/ _ClickMain jerol
  13. Welcome and enjoy the Cornwalls. jerol
  14. I don't have MSWord. Do you have a text version? jerol
  15. MFSL Little Feat - Waiting For Columbus jerol
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