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3-channel amps


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I have a Denon receiver and Klipsch RF-7s up front and RC-3 in the center. I was thinking of getting a 3-channel amp to run the front three channels. So many people seem to claim getting a separate amp to run the main channels has such as dramatic improvement over a standard receivers amplifiers.

My question is what manufacturors make 3-channel amps? It seems parasound made some great 3-channel amps a few years ago and stopped. I was looking at used Parasound amps which sell for $800-$900 bucks when there are nice 5 channel amps for the same price.

Why doesn't anyone make decent 3-channel amps anymore? With the advent of DD EX and DTS ES one would think there are several people with decent systems needing to upgrade for the rear center channel.

Even the new Aragons on this website only has 2-5-7 channel amps...They used to make Great 3-channel amps..


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Or you could check around and buy an Acurus 100X3. Everyone seems to want mega-watt amps now so the prices are reasonable.Don't know how the RF-7's would sound with it,but they are great amps.Just a suggestion.Good luck!


PS> Even better, the Acurus 125FIVE.

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Hey, you could also check out Rotel, Ati and Outlaw for Amps. With your money you could get a pretty nice one to boot. I have an older Rotel RB 976 6-channel bridged to 3x150 watts for front three speakers sounds pretty good. I believe the Newer model is the Rmb 1066 and probably could be had for $600.00 Give or take.

Check em out!!! Remember to audition as much as possible. Good Luck....


Pioneer 906s A\V Rec.

Rotel RB 976 Amp 3x150 watts for front 3 speakers.

Awia XD-DV370 (MP3) dvd

Klipsch RF-3II Fronts

Klipsch RC-3II Center

JBL N-26 Rears

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