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FS: Crites A/4500, Altec 511b, Selenium drivers. Free router.

The Dude

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I have some parts still for sale, I gave some of them a run on ebay with no luck but what I have left is

1 Crites A/4500 crossover

1 Altec 511B horn

3 Selenium d220-ti screw on drivers/ with 2 hm17-25 horns

and a free router. Would take 225.00 for all if purchased together plus shipping, I would even throw in the router.

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Pm'ed replied to.

For any interested parties not there seems to be more then one at this time, but if anyone becomes more interested. I am sitting tight until I take some readings and mess around with a eq or something along the lines of that.

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1 Altec 511b horn with 2 borken ears 50.00 plus shipping

1 Crites A/4500 for 75.00 shipped.

3 Selenium d220ti 8 ohm drivers with 2 HM17-25 horns 115.00 for all, plus shipping.

1 Linksys wireless router, worked when removed. Upgraded and no longer need asking 5.00 shipped to lower 48.(just so you know thats free and 5.00 for shipping).

PM me if interested, all can be shipped some of the smaller stuff can be shipped very low cost, the horns might cost a little more.

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one of all three Selenium drivers/horns. I have more pics showing their ohm reading. Email me at dimes4ever@msn.com for more pics. I don't have a lot more pics of the all the gear but I do have a couple more I can send.

There is a sale pending on the diy crossovers, and a pair of the horns.

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