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Klipschorn - Rockford Ill


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From the photos, it's difficult to determine if these are genuine Klipsch (possibly decorators) or DIY clones. In any case, they're probably worth the asking price, especially if the bass bins are genuine Klipsch or well made DIY.

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The entire listing is attached as a PDF.

On another note, it's a known issue with browsers other than IE and this forum. Using Chrome or Firefox, I'm unable to add a hyperlink. Trying to sign in on IE doesn't seem to work any longer. What is your experience?

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They look too wide to me to be Klipschorns, contacted the seller and this is the response I got:

I have these for so long I can not tell you the type of Crossovers, or the version.

I wall papered the front of the speaker to blend with the wall and believe the front to be oak.
They can been see at my Store ..
Park Pool
8402 n 2nd street
Machesney Park, Il. 61115

Marlene Schultz
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