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FS: Thorens TD124 - Incredible Deal!!!!!!!


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Hi All,

As most of you know, my buddy Gary gave me a fantastic deal on an amazing vintage system. There is no doubt that I will be making good use of my new Cornwalls and NOS Valves Scott, but I honestly have no use for a turntable - I don't even own any LPs [:$].

I've spent the last week and a half listening to the only three LP I currenly posses - which a dear friend so kindly let me borrow. And though in every respect the vinyl is sounding better than any of my digital souces, I just don't foresee myself stating the very costly and time consuming process of searching/purchasing LP.

As Gary mentioned the turntable/arm has been fully rebuilt and has a $600 Zu-modified Denon cartridge on it with 40 or so hours (he even included the orignal receipt). Please note that the cartriage is a LOMC so a step-up would be required.

Ideally, I would love to ask what Gary was asking for the turnable - $1,750 - but because I got just a fantastic deal on package - I'm happy to pass on some of the savings. Thus, I am willing to let the turntable go for $1,500 - with the only condition being that it absolutely has to be a local sale (I am in zip code 20904). I will not ship.

Below is an excerpt from Gary's original thread:

"This is the TD124 I put together a few years ago with the help of forum members Scott Anderson and Allan Songer. It has the SME 3009 Series II (the good one) and a Zu Modded Denon 103R. Sounds terrific. Needs nothing. Completely rebuilt and works perfectly. Probably 20 hours on the table and cart since the rebuild. $1750. Will split arm and cart if necessary but I'd rather sell as a package."

See picture below (and trust me - the pictures do not do this turntable justice).


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Haha - I know. Quite a few people have contacted me in regards to shipping. The thing is - the turntable is in absurdly good condition - it is mint - and I'm just too scared that something would happen to it in transit. If it wasn't is such a nice condition, I would have actually considered shipping. For now, I'm willing to be patient and am hoping that at this very fair price, someone will be willing to make arrangement for local pickup. Thanks.

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