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SOLD: Fastrac Lascala Horns


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Now available is a pair of Dave's Fastrac Horns for the Lascala. I've had these in the box for a year but I'm changing course with my project. I took them out to test but never installed them.

Includes the K55 adapters. $325

PM if interested.

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Actually, I am using the Cornwall Fastracs on top of the Lascalas right now. I hope to get Eliptracs for the Lascalas and then move the Cornwall version back to the Cornwalls. The Fc on the Lascalas is 354 Hz and on the Cornwalls it is 380. I'm thinking I should be OK.

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I have a 2nd hand set of wooden horns that I got in 2009. My old records list them as ALK FastTrac wooden horns, 1" throat (that included K55 drivers and couplers, I think). They were for KHs (not LSs) and were quite pricey, even as used gear. To be honest, I noted a difference in timbre, but not much else compared to the K400 stock mids. I could not tell which mid horns more realistically reproduced music. I tested them only at moderate loudness (guessing below 85 dB). I rarely listened to my KHs at ~100 dB for more than 15 minutes then (or now). So, for the price, they didn't do "it" for me.

There appear to be mult wooden horn types sold currently for the KH, but I only found 1 for the LS via Al K's website link. I do not know if any of the elliptical or ovoid/oval mouth horns are made as drop ins for the LS from someone else. I have also seen some beautiful rounded horns, and also iwata horns - of 2 types that appear totally different in shape. (None would be a drop in solution). I also have Altec 511s. Is what you have the same as the link from ALK? Do folks here think that my prior experience with the KH wooden horns would be repeated with your LS wooden horns? My gear is from '75-'79 era.

Also, FWIW, I have bought a pair of JBL 2404Hs (1 arrived today) and will be buying 2 Beyma CP25s too. Just need 1 more tweeter for the KHx2, Belle, LSx2 set up.

Thanks in advance from NOLA :))

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These are the horns: http://mysite.verizon.net/res12il11/id68.html They are a drop in replacement for the K400 in the Lascalas. Al refers to these same horns on the ALK engineering site. I don't know how much these differ from the horns you got in 2009. I suspect they would be similar but someone else would have to weigh in on this.

IMHO the Fastracs from Dave are better in every way than the K400 and a step up from Altec 511s as well. That said, if I understand your description of your setup you have a 5 channel system. I don't think I would want to mix fastracs with k400s... I would replace all or nothing to keep them matched.

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