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how to search archives now?

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Not sure what's wrong but I'm following your written instructions exactly and this either randomly works or not depending on what I'm searching for. I just did a search within this topic for the word "upper" since I knew it was in here and yes...it found it. I then did a search for the word "mean" since I knew it was in Amy's reply a few posts up and it found nothing. More often than not, it finds nothing. What am I doing wrong? I've searched for "rf-82", "RF", "SC" and a few other common ones like this and the search comes up empty. Can you help me out?


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Do not know for certain but, maybe the results you are after is in the old forum. You might try that.

In this new forum, I click klipsch.com(top left) and enter the the product description on that page...example: RF5 and enter on the keyboard. Usually I get a page with the RF5 and if a II version, I get that too on the same or other page.


Wow, did a heresy search there and enter and all 3 models came up...

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Well, I just did an old forum view and it is limited in scope...so much for that idea. Neat stuff though...

I did a recent search using the "lascala riser" and found 3 pages on this main page new forum search using "all forums"as my parameter. Dating way back.

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The search engine in the new forums is something I want to fix soon. It's not optimal at the moment. For some reason, some things just don't come up in search results. It's a problem with the default search engine. There is supposedly a solution, but I've not had a chance to really implement. Hopefully soon I can.


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Thanks for looking into this Chad. There is a massive amount of information within this site so I use the search function a lot! It has saved me countless hours of aggravation and "trial and error" time while setting up my system or fixing nagging technical issues so it's frustrating when the search function is not as "intuitive" as it was before.

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