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I recapped my heresy myself and they sound awesome. I will probably just buy the kits and do them myself. Since they already sound great, I am pretty confident that new caps will be just fine.

Then if you decide to replace the inductors and transformer you can do it later yourself. Just make sure to scrape the indictor wire first.

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No, the third one is the Belle, which also seems to be in good condition although the wood seems a tad off. It could just be the lighting.

Grippers, 400 grain and watco oil, got it.

So just use the round 2" foam (or heavier) and staple it to the back of the sub cabinet so it seals up when pushed into the wall? I will have to take a closer look at the backs to see exactly what needs to be sealed.

you can purchase foam with adhesive on it, do not staple.

no staples of adhesive needed...



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Ahhhhh... I see the plastic piping in between layers now. I didn't try that. My seal job didn't provide any noticeable sonic improvements. I am out of town for a few weeks but will try that as soon as I get home.

The real problem is the window and ledge. I might try a small plywood cutout to cover it up but either way I think I can live with it!



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