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Denon 3311 Receiver going into protection mode


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I have a Denon 3311 that keeps going into protection mode. I bought the unit 3 1/2 years ago and after a year and 3 months it quit. I sent it in under the 2 year warranty and received a refurbished unit in return. The unit went into protection mode while still under warranty and I was told to reset the microprocessor, give the unit more air circulation and it would be fine.

The unit cntinued to do this and occasionally called in to tell them that I thought something was wrong. I was then told to do a hard reset to reset the unit to factory specs. I again kept calling and in February asked to upgrade this to a supervisor as I was certain that there was something wrong. The supervisor never returned the phone call. The problem continues to this day. Last weekend it happened 3 x in 24 hours and I started calling again this week. The first tech told me to take it to a repair shop as it is now out of warranty. I explained it was in warranty the first time I called. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he said that they would call back in 48 hours. I didn't get off the phone and kept talking until he finally got a supervisor on the phone. After two hours the supervisor put me back on the line with the same technical support person to troubleshoot. So now I'm on the phone with the same guy who told me the unit was broken and out of warranty. He tells me how to find out what the protection mode code is. I wonder why they didn't do that the first time I called. He has me pull every cable and speaker wire off the unit and do press the menu and status and turn the power on. Then press the status. It gives me no code because as I had told him several times I have reset the microprocessor last weekend. He finally tells me to call back next time it goes into protection mode and give him the code and he will pass it on to Ernest the Supervisor. I left the receiver on that night without the tv on and the volume on 0. It went into protection mode twice. I called the code in and the tech didn't know what it meant and Earnest wasn't working and to call back on Saturday. Today is Saturday and I just got off the phone with the tech and Earnest called me back. He told me in a conversation on Thursday that if the code showed that it wasn't the cabling it had to be the unit and he would take care of it and honor the warranty. I just got off the phone with him and he told me the DC code means that the current must be spiking. I explained to him that I just put a new monster power supply in and put the old on in a spare room with a Denon 1804 hooked up to it. So basically he now needs to talk to his supervisor and call me back by Wednesday. I also didn't mention this unit is only powering my surround speakers I have an emotive XPA 3 200 watt amp powering the front 3 speakers. My concern is that if they decide to honor the warranty I'm more than likely going to get another refurbished unit. I know some refurbished units are just returned units with nothing wrong with them however they havn't made this unit for a while. I don't want somebody else's headache. Can anyone suggest a good substitute for around $1000 dollars. I have a set of Klipsch RF82, RF62,RF52 and RW12d sub. I looked at Marantz 7007. I like Nad but it may be too expensive. Does anyone have any experience with Denon and making things right or who else to talk to there?

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Ernest finally got my 3311 repaired, I think. We have not hooked it up again, yet.

If you insist, they will send a call tag for FedEx to pick it up on their dime; after saying they can't do that numerous times.

Mine had been in once before, for repair. The 3311 Warranty is 3 years if bought new from an Authorized dealer.

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I have a Denon 4800 that was doing the same thing checked everything out. Finally found 1 very small strand of speaker wire going from the front left to the front right binding post on the rear of the reciever. It worked fine after that.

If you have not checked try it.

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I have unhooked all the cables and reinstalled the speaker wires. I only have the rear surrounds hooked up to the unit. The three front are run by my Emotiva XPA3. Ernest has told me he will approve taking the unit to a local service center. It's 30 miles away and I plan on taking it in next Wednesday. I will let everyone know what they say. The code for protection mode came up as DC. Ernest told me it meant that there was a current problem. The two surround speakers are properly wired with no contact between the wires. I have run Audyssey to verify that the wires are not crossed. I find it hard to believe it is the speaker wire or the current. I bought a new monster av800 surge suppressor two weeks ago to make sure that wasn't a problem. I googled overprotection problems with denon receivers and found a repairman who said the problem on his machine was the connection built into the receiver. If this is an intermittent problem as it can run for 3 to 4 weeks without going off and then go off 4 times in a 24 hour period. Each time you have to reset the microprocessor and run audyssey again. It is very frustrating and if it happens when my wife is using the tv she doesn't know how to get it to work again. thanks for your comments.

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