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FS: Marantz SR8200 A/V Receiver


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I really like this receiver and wanted to hang on to it, but I must sell it to help pay for my latest audio purchase. I bought it to use temporarily after putting my Yamaha Aventage receiver up for sale. For about 3 weeks I used it as a 2.1 channel receiver, then as a 2.1 preamp for a few more weeks. It performed perfectly during that time. It sounds pretty warm and musical for an AVR (typical Marantz), and its internal amp section had more than enough power for my setup. This unit has a very good build quality, and in particular, the large knobs on the front panel have a very solid feel to the touch & they are a joy to turn.

The receiver is in very good condition overall. The top cover has some scratches/scrapes on it, but no dents. I was thinking about having it sand blasted and then repainting it, but I didn't bother. The faceplate is near perfect and looks great. Overall, it looks very good in the average room lighting, I had it on the top of my rack and was not embarrassed for people to see it. In fact, the few people that saw it said "nice Marantz" I'd rate it at about a 7/10 on the audiogon scale.

Operationally, it performed flawlessly for me. However, there are 2 things I want to mention: The display is pretty dim (nowhere near as bright as they look in my pics), and there is not a dimmer on the receiver or remote. Speaking of the remote, it does not come with the original LCD remote, but a different Marantz remote that controls most functions of the SR8200. I set it up for my 2.1 setup quickly and easily from the front panel controls, without the need to have it hooked up to a monitor. Also, as was typical of a/v receivers of its time, it can (and does) take a couple of seconds to lock on to a signal when using a digital connection, making you miss a bit of the beginning of a CD.

Included in the sale is the Marantz SR8200 receiver, Marantz remote, and generic 18 gauge power cord. I do not have the original packaging, but will double box it and insure it for the full value of the sale. My asking price is $225 PLUS SHIPPING (UPS only). Keep in mind this is a very large and heavy receiver, so depending on where you are located, it could be expensive to ship. Figure on a package of about 24" x 24" x 14" and approx 55 lbs.

Product page: http://us.marantz.com/DocumentMaster/US/c_sr8200.pdf

Manual: http://www.manualslib.com/manual/516...tz-Sr8200.html









2 large (27000 uF) caps. Photo was taken before cleaning...



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I have decided to put this back on the market, this time at the reduced price of $199 plus shipping.

I deleted all images of the unit from my PC, as well as on Photobucket. I will take some more and post them on Saturday, unless it sells before then...



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