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Good Documentary on Curing Cancer

Jeff Matthews

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I just finished watching this.  It was good.  Apparently, many cancers are genetic (which is no surprise, itself), but as of recent years, the ability to single-out specific genetic defects which cause specific, known cancers has blossomed to the extent of narrowing down new cancers each month.  Once the defects are found, Big Rx is finding medicines to treat them.  So far, 3 cures have been found for 3 common cancers.  These are 100% cures.  No guess-work required.  100's more cures are in the works.


Very impressive!



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While any cure is fantastic news, the cynical part of me knows how much money there is in research, medication, treatment and i wonder if those making money want a cure?  A lot of people would be finding new jobs.  

​Please excuse me, i didn’t at all intend to rain on your parade--I lost both my biological and adoptive fathers to cancer (one aged 35 and one 45) so I’m all for curing this completely.

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