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Tour of Wakejunkie's Home Theater (Lots of Pics)


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On 9/2/2017 at 10:07 AM, Youthman said:

Because if it were vertical, the horn and the top driver would be well above their heads.  Most of the time they are laying on the beanbag so horizontal makes perfect sense in his setup.  I believe he rotated the horns so that they have the correct dispersion pattern.

so why not lower it as much as possible? nothing to do with dispersion from the horn. all to do with the fact that a vertical center sounds MUCH better than a horizontal. 

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My guess is because he did t realize vertical sounds better than horizontal.  My guess is @WakeJunkie has zero desire to cut out his concrete block wall again.  LOL.    


I can can say this, I have watched 5-6 movies in wakes theater and it sounds fantastic!  Could it sound better if he had the center vertical?  Very possible.  Is he struggling with the setup he has now.  Not at all.

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On 9/2/2017 at 9:23 AM, Scrappydue said:

I guess I don't understand why the center is not vertical? Just doesn't make any sense to me. 


As @Youthman said, With the masking there was no way to have a vertical center without it being way to high.  I have heard that a vertical sounds better.   Not sure where that comes from.  When I built this center I did testing by moving around my towers and swapping with the new center.  After a couple hours of testing i could tell zero difference in the horizontal center and my original vertical towers.  My testing concluded that the height of the horn was way more important than the orientation of the cabinet itself.

as said before, the horn was rotated to keep the original orientation.

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