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cf4's vs. Khorn's review


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How much and how deep did you fill the CF-4s with the polyfil?

I took the 1.5" foam sheets out of the bottom section (technically two .75 inch placed together).  I used about a pound of polyfil that sits on the very bottom, just under the ports and to the side.  I did not block air flow to the ports.


Also, what is everyone's opinion on using either of these items, Qiuckroof (http://www.cofair.com/roof.aspx), and Frostking (http://www.frostking.com/foil-and-fiberglass-duct-wrap/) to wrap the horn to contain resonance?

That Quickroof looks fine.  I'm not sure I have ever seen two people use the same damping material!  I used pure silicon seal and I have seen others use car damping sheets cut to fit.


The Frost King insulation looks OK as well.


I ask about the wraps because I have some leftover from my Beetle project.

It's probably expensive compared to the $5 tubes of silicon seal I used.  Since you already have it I say go ahead and use it.  I suggest you try the "knuckle rap" test just to confirm that it changes the resonance point.  You will go from a high pitched "tic!" to something just a little lower, more dead sounding perhaps.


One last question, for those of us that don't have version 1 CF-4s or CF-3s, does adding  longer ports help to improve the sound reproduction of our speakers?



I don't know.  Most people who are doing mods seem to like using the 5.5" port tube instead of the 3" tube, I've never heard the version 2 or 3.  In general people seem to think it is easy to retro-fit the version 2 to a v1, and the version 3 takes more modification with the port tube and some crossover values.


John have you seen the Klipsch Epic Owners thread?  It covers a LOT of the mods people do, in detail.



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Just a fyi, if you get CF-4's in a room with a long wall with tall ceilings and play with spacing, they'll sound amazing. I've never had the right room to have mine in until I bought my new house and once I got their placement just right, they imaged like no other. And mine are all original, unmodded AND I had em on a budget Denon receiver.

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