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recent Marantz firmware made it quieter?

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Have you guys ever seen a firmware update make a receiver quieter?  I downloaded it the night before last and instantly everything I play seems quieter.  Even watched American Sniper at -5 and it seemed somewhat normal and bass wasn't very strong, which makes absolutely no sense.  Kids movies that I listened to at -25 or -20 are now -15 minimum.  Very strange.  Both before and after it was just set to direct since I'm having trouble with Audessey.  

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Is it possible that the firmware update caused your Marantz to default back to the factory settings therefore disengaging Audyssey?


Just a thought. :unsure:




Considering I've lost my settings twice due to a power outage and simply unplugging it during a lightning storm, nothing would surprise me, guess I need to dig in the settings to see if it changed anything.  

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