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Jupiter Caps 600v Copper Foil pair


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.47uF value. 1 pair.
I bought these for passive crossover and never used them. The additional lead wire is the silver Jupiter wire, and total length is about 11" and there is a FastOn connector.
Never installed; brand new. Feedback on head-fi, agon, ebay just ask.
ebay feedback: hifitubes.usa | eBay
Asking $165 shipped conus
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Guest thesloth


I am sorry but $165 for two capacitors?  Is this correct?  Why so much?


do your research ;)


(my point being, make your own decision about a listing's value and leave the pricing discussions to PM)




My research says that I need to start making capacitors and selling them to people for astronomical amounts of money, obviously they will pay it.

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Guest thesloth

thesloth  really why do crap on peoples thread ? :huh:



I am not. I was merely wondering if was a typo. I then found their website and yes they are $88ea. I almost pooped my pants!


As I was told people can do their own research and come to their own conclusions on the worth of the items in question. I am sure people love them and they will have no problems selling. Merely a curiousity for me since I have been buying capacitors for a long time and never seen that sort of price before.

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Guest thesloth

I wasn't implying that you were trying to sell them for more money then they are worth. I found the website and did see they do indeed list out at $88ea.


I apologized and thaddeaus did clarify the rules for this thread. If I have anymore question about the item I will PM the person selling. Sorry for the confusion.

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