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FS Resin Mid horn for Quartet/Forte ll/Chorus ll and some pro Klipsch...

moray james

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I have five heavy resin mid horns as used as used in the Quartet, Forte ll, Chorus ll and other pro Klipsch speakers. These are a 600 Hz horn which are larger than the K600 used in the famous Cornwall. These horns are new hybrid designs with a conical throat and tractrix mouth. These are excellent heavy cast resin thick walled horns which are the only Klipsch resin horns that I have found that do not require nor benefit from any additional damping. I would like $35.00 each plus actual postage. These will be well packed to insure they arrive safe to you. Pay via pay pal.

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So are they stock as would normally come on the Chorus II, or something different?

Hey Jim: yes these are stock Klipsch Factory mid horns, exactly what are installed in a Quartet, Forte ll, Chorus ll and a number of pro Klipsch speakers. These are the first new hybrid conical/tractrix horns made by Klipsch. Hope that clears up and questions readers may have.

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On September 8, 2015 at 6:48 AM, moray james said:

bump this sale

Newb here - first post! I just joined, and this is exactly what I've been looking for. I recently picked up a pair of Forte IIs, and both mid-horns have cracked flanges. I would be interested in two of them if they are free of cracks and are still available. I also am on the lookout for a k-25-k woofer.  FedEx was very unkind to these babies!

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