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Anonymous v. ISIS: The Apocalypse?

Jeff Matthews

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It's a day later and only 77,000 views?  I would have expected more views than that by now.  I wonder a couple of things.


Anon claims they have deleted 5500 Isis Twitter accounts.  This is Isis' response, jabbing back and forth at Anon.


ISIS calls Anonymous 'idiots,' offers tips to elude hackers



Is Anonymous really that effective as a cyber-attack group?  I really don't know, do any of you guys know?


And secondly What If Interpol, et al had already hacked those various accounts and was monitoring them?  If Anon took them out, it might leave the Interpol, CIA, Scotland Yard agencies with no way now to track Isis "chatter" and communication.  This could be a huge setback for the Good Guys. 

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