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Putting a Center speaker on the ground?


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Hey Guys,


in my new appartment i am not able to put a center speaker directly beneath / infront of the TV:

It is possible to put it on the ground though and angle it to the listening position.

Another possible solution is to put the center on a lowboard NEXT to the TV (it would be about 50cm above the ground and around 50 cm next to the TV)


What do you think about this? Would it be a big problem putting the center on the ground?



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In general it is not considered ideal to angle speakers upward towards the listening position, but if that is your only option I would say go for it.  The main problem will likely be when listening off-axis, there will a sharp drop-off in directivity.


In my current living room setup I have an MTM that can't be placed horizontally directly under the TV so I have it offset to the right and placed vertically.  It isn't perfect but the AVR made a slight adjustment to blend it with the L/R, and after that you get used to it.

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Either elevate the center channel to just below the bottom of the set pointing up towards the position, or above the TV pointing down towards the position.  If you had a choice, choose the one that requires the least angle to reach your ears.  If the TV is somehow right in the middle of your ears (top to bottom), then pick either and try it.  Easier to elevate the speaker on a stand, box or something to start than it is to mount it and angle it downwards on a shelf or the like from above.

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