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RW-10d died...


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I have done a search and am not finding much for results, but my RW-10d died the other day.  I turned it on, it made a crackle and died.  The fuse is blown, but the board looks fine, no blown or melted resistors.  I found one post where the users had replaced the MOSFETs and stated theirs were working again, but that was almost 6 years ago and I was wondering if it was still working, or did it at least last a year or two?  I know most people replace the plate amp, but that's almost half the price of a new sub and I would prefer to not do that.  If it comes to that then I will just upgrade to a new one, as long as they're not having the same problems as I see many have.  I contacted klipsch for advice and have yet to hear anything back from them also.  And, if I can't fix it, what is comparable as a replacement?

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