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Happy birthday to me...

Mighty Favog

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I am also 37 - and you are right cos I am not old either.

You are as old as the woman you feel (in my case she is 37 too so no win there for me).

Hairline receding, waistline expanding, timeline shrinking, genetic line expanding but other than that all OK here.

Congrats again (belatedly it seems)


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Originally posted by maxg:


You are as old as the woman you feel (in my case she is 37 too so no win there for me).

Gee,cwm27.gif what does it mean if my beloved is 49?? Or as she keeps telling me about herself "I have a cute butt!"

Oh, but the salt a pepper hair and aching joints after a days work is all but too common. Thankfully I'm only 18lbs. heavier than high-school years (127 to 145lbs.).

As far as Justin's family wealth goes, I hav eno trouble with anyone that has that much money and spends it regularly. It puts people to work and the economy moving. I feel that money is no good unless it's spent.


Tom's Money Pit

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I guess January is the time to make babies....




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