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These Put the U in Ugly


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Some guys put trapezoidal 'stiffeners' horizontally in the mouth of the horn. This is under the precept that the 2x2' side walls of 3/4 ply have significant flexation in them and the stiffeners tighten up the sound.  


I don't play my home models that loud to witness this phenomenon, but my shop LSI-bg have the aluminum angle on the edges and fibreglass matting, both of which add stiffness and they sound enormous at high levels, so I think there's definitely some improvement to be made. Note that the Jubilee had two stiffeners per side in the mouth of it's horn. 

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These are certainly "ugly" but not beyond salvage. Some sanding, bondo, and glue these would be ready for whatever finish you'd like. I did the set I got from Colter in Duratex because they're in my garage. Sounding very sweet right now BTW. 


La Scala's are special. Save every pair!!


Next set are for in the house use.  :D



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Note that the Jubilee had two stiffeners per side in the mouth of it's horn.




Years ago, I specifically asked Roy about this.  To be more accurate, I said something along the lines of "wow, you must have a fantastic painter on hand to spray the entire speaker and so skillfully NOT get this part touched with paint"


He said that was a good catch but, not the story.


Went on to say that they spec'ed their plywood from their supplier at (for example) 3/4" plus/minus a variance (so say, .69 to .81)  Not the real numbers but work with it.


Some of the early Jubilee cabinets had reports in the field of having a bad resonance in the back panel.


Roy traced it to the plywood.


Seems their vendor was pretty consistently sending them plywood at the lower end of the variance, for example .69 inch instead of .75 inch.


Rear panels that were made of this slightly thinner panel had the vibration problem.  


The issue was, this wood was within specs of Klipsch so there was nothing they could do to the plywood vendor for supplying plywood that was within spec.


Roy slapped those wings in there to fix the problem.  You can see them unpainted on his mule.


I think this was one reason he wanted to redesign the speaker and put the"shelves" in there for braces.


It made the speaker a stronger box, made it easier to make and totally got rid of the resonating back panel.


(I personally think it also makes the speaker look much nicer verses the little braces)


So now, you have the rest of the story...


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