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(For sale, )im serious, im going to 2 channel tubes

Jim Cornell

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Academy center black $300.00 (SOLD)

KLF-C7 oak $300.00

RS-3-2s rears white with black grilles $275.00 (SOLD)

OUTLAW 1050 NICE less than a year old $400.00

On my pioneer SX 950


Have almost all paperwork, just no boxes

Im ganna get a tube amp, or something nice in the 2 channel mode!

Regards Jim

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I guess this would answer all questions regarding Klipschorns!

If you guys would throw me options on tube gear i will look into them!

In the meantime my pioneer SX 950 is it!

Klipschorns are awesome, the pioneer really opened them up!

PS i still have my 4 chorus yes there staying!

Its looking like ill have a little battle going on, with the academy, im ganna take my time, i know its rare, but i caint use it no longer!

I gave my wife one set of chorus, to set up, and do what she wants with a system, of her own, shes tickled pink LOL!

Ill pick the lucky one for the academy!

I dont have the room for la scalas, rear, belle center, and thats what i need so i QUIT! LOL

Also to find out, my wife told me she never liked H/T, and i waisted my money!

I enjoy the movies just the same on the surround sound sony TV!

And anymore we watch DVDS in the room!

Regards Jim

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I think the older units sound better, also it looks like im ganna go back to mcintosh, for an amp!

Wes might agree, i CAN NOT listen to any other speaker with the Klipschorns, i love the sound of them, and only them!

I might not make it to tubes, but a mcintosh solid state, my wife is grinning on the tube idea!

I wish now i would of kept my mcintosh amp!

Regards Jim

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if I were you, I wouldn't give up on the idea of tubes. As you can see below, I have a set of vintage McIntosh ss amps and as much as I preferred them to other ss gear I had listened to before, I still prefer my tube integrated (which means the Mc stays quiet all the time). It's just much more smooth sounding (without ever being dull), to my ears simply more 'natural'. Others might disagree but at least you should give tube amps a try (if possible).

Just my 0.02cents.




1973 Khorns with ALK crossovers

REL Stadium II sub

Cayin 743 D integrated tube amp (utilizing 300B tubes)

McIntosh MR 77

McIntosh MCD 7007

Thorens 520S

SME 3012-R

Ortofon SPU Classic GM E

Cyrus aEQ 7 phono stage with PSX-R power supply

Yamaha CDR-HD 1000 CD Recorder

Alternative amps:

McIntosh MC 2105

McIntosh C29

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Ive learned that take my time pays off, the Klipschorns were one great find!

Listen, i dont want to be thrown out because i gave up H/T LOL, no one knows all id need is a center down the road and we have it again 3rd time LOL! NA?

About the only tube amp i know is mcintosh, i found a dynaco 70 on e-bay and a leak, if you guys would throw some tube names at me, i can look more into amps, im a retard on tubes LOL!

Regards Jim

PS i have some one interested in the outlaw and KLF they might be gone, ill keep you posted!

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Jim this is what I have set up, I have my home theater upstairs, not the best system but it works ok, I need a better center channel thow. I have quintets for mains and back surounds, a cheap sherwood dolby digital receiver, dalquist 8 inch subwoofer, and the worst mistake I made buing a cheap realistic center channel. And I have a pioneer dvd player.Down stairs I have a 2 channel set up of k-horns, powered buy a old vintage g-7700 sansui receiver, b and o turntable. yamaha cassette deck and a shure cd player.Movies stay upstairs and music in the basement.I have heard tubes with k-horns a couple of times in my life and they are unreal, never heard nothing better. Some day I would like to own a good tube amp for my k-horns. Won of those eico hf- 81 or maby a scott 299. Moble likes the eico and nos likes the scott, either one would do me fine.I think if I were you I would go with a tube set up. If you dont like it, I would bet you would get your money back on ebay. THE bad thing about tubes is finding someone to work on them if you have a problem.

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Methinks ya better talk to Kelly (MobileHomeless). If you are serious about getting into the tube thing he da man!!

I assume you are thinking about SET - the first thing you are gonna have to decide is what flavour. The favorites here are either 2A3 or 300B based units with Kelly being firmly in the 2A3 camp.

The nice thing is that with those big ole horns you can get away with very little power indeed.

Arco (who also has horns) is building (has built?) a 1 watt amp for his. I dont know how its going - all I know is it weighs in at 50 Kilos (over 100 lbs).

One day I am going to get Arco to come over with a selection of his other amps to play with on my Heresy's.

Will be interesting to see if I can get the volume out of them as I have only 96 db/w/m to play with.

What are you thinking of using for the pre?


My System: http://aca.gr/pop_maxg.htm

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