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For Sale vs Shipping: 1994 LaScalas in the West Palm Beach area of South Florida


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Well, these are just a little too big for the needs in Florida at my parents house. I will be back there April 14, Good Friday.

If there is any interest, please let me know. The link below goes to the posts from when I bought these in 2013. Asking $900.00 for both. Wellington, FL. (I think that is what I paid for them) An easy drive from any of SE FL cities like Miami, Ft Lauderdale, and the Treasure Coast. Orlando is about 2 1/2 hrs away, Tampa 3-4 hr drive away. I might also be to assist in the transport, but contact me first.


They are brighter than my LaScala I's in New Orleans, but otherwise great.

     EDIT: I have never heard LS IIs elsewhere, so I assume that the stronger treble is a characteristic of LS IIs vs Is, as this is true for both speakers.


     EDIT:   **** These 1994 LaScala's are LS I s NOT LS II s ********  

          This 1994 system has some different components and crossover than my other LaScalas from the 1970s (which no longer have original Klipsch xover networks. They now have either non-Klipsch xover networks or modified xover networks).

          Hence part of the likely reason for differences in treble timbre along with settings. (Apologies on my part. I think LS IIs were 1st made around 2006)

          Link to 2013 posts that include pictures on page 1: 



Otherwise, I will either do a drive out of FL with these or maybe ship them. (I will do a separate post in this regard).


Thanks all



           EDIT:    Link to prior thread about these LS's including pictures:


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