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FS: $300 (5) Vintage Klipsch Black KG / KM / KV Speakers - Atlanta, Pickup Only


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Hello, all! Long-rime lurker but first time poster (although you can find me over at AVS).


Please see descriptions below. This is an EXCELLENT collection of vintage horn speakers for either a main theater or even a secondary "mini" theater. I cannot help load the KGs so you will need to bring another person. Cash when you pickup is preferred. 2 pics of KG 4.2 and KM2 included below, PM me your email address, and i'll email you about 15 pics total. I will not ship. Please contact me with any questions, thank you!

KG 4.2 - i am the sole owner....cosmetically 7.5-8/10, functionally great......rubber feet/spikes included - $175

KM 2 - the military version of the KG 1.5.......i bought these off craigslist 3 years ago......i actually never used them as i never went to 7.1.....functionally great, cosmetically 9/10 (1 very small minor white spot on each top) - $75

KV 3 - i am the sole owner, cosmetically 8/10 (minor spot at top of grill and minor scuffing on bottom), functionally great - $60

Or $300 for everything.



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2 minutes ago, opusk2k9 said:

I could be wrong, but I think the KV-3 was for the KG series and the KV-4 was made for the CF series.


That may be true. I thought the kv1 matched cf1, kv2 matched cf2, kv3 matched cf3, and if matched cf4.

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