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Stereo to subwoofer amp connection


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I have a stereo tube amp that has no subwoofer output.
I have a Klipsch R-10SW subwoofer that has no banana speaker input.

Can I connect the amp to the speaker output on the LFE input of the subwoofer?

Is this a risk? Will the cabinet settings be possible?

Thank you for your answers



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Ok, do you have any advice for choosing a subwoofer?

I have pregnant Sonus Faber Venere 2.5

A tube amp:
Output Power: 12W x 2
Power tube: 6P3S x 4 (analog 6L6)
Pre-amp tube: 6N9S x 2 (analog 12AX7)
Output impedance: 4 ohms
THD (harmonic distortion): ≤0.15% (9W), ≤0.50% (12W)
Frequency response: 20Hz - 60KHz
S / N ratio: 76dB
Input Sensitivity: 0.7-1V
Input impedance: 100K

What are the factors to take into account to choose?

I like the one:

Is it good with it?

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1 hour ago, baron167 said:

Hi, my understanding is those are line level inputs only, so no, do not do that. Connect your pre-amp line level out L and R to those sub LFE and R inputs.

@Damien don't you have a preamp inputing to your power amp? Get the line level signal from there with some Y cables or adapters

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I've got a similar, slightly different question. I use an RSW-15 which has no hi level inputs. I use an analog multi-channel preamp with a sub out for my multi-channel HDMI DAC. Sub kicks on for movies and tv just fine and i can use it if i use the HDMI DAC for music, but it's just not as musical as the preamps built in option board DSD DAC which is only USB/Toslink/Coaxil inputs. I DO NOT want to lose the .1 LFE of my HDMI Dac for movies, but i want to add sub for 2ch analog simultaneously.

Can i run a y adapter from the subwoofer and connect one to the LFE sub out of the Pre and the other to a y adapter to the back of the preamp output which will split one to a power amp input and the other will have the subwoofer input. As i understand it, i would get a 3db boost if i use L+R input from the sub, but it is not necessary and i wouldn't need to run 3 long cables(L/R+LFE). Will i cause an issue doing this?


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