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  1. Update to what? No original Klipsch Cane available [emoji2369]
  2. Me too! I have signature H II’s with cane like these. Also have Cornwalls with Cane grills, but missed Klipschorns with cane grills a while back that were sold and bought on here. Did you get those?
  3. Shekels? And a goodly chunk of o’ching? Seriously, I think you should try harder to be more offensive. Should the buyer try to *** them down in price? JFC on a biscuit shaped like a cross [emoji38]
  4. Hi, if you’re streaming through the DVD player, I would hardwire it. I would not think the issue is with the AVR, but the HDMI cable being used and compatibility with the DVD player and or the AVR to TV. Going with optical out is ok, but it has its limitations (no Atmos, for 1 example).
  5. I have a whole house generator save the AC. Mine is setup with a manual breaker. I’ll rant now. It’s ridiculous that the US has not embraced basic common sense. I do not work for nor endorse Verizon, but because they are fiber, if I lose electric service to the house, I can power up my generator and have www. I say that’s a big deal. I have everything, but AC and that’s Only because I was too cheap to pay for a generator that could supply the 50 plus amps to start my AC unit. And it’s rare that I lose power in the warm months. Any power loss, neighbor plugs in every time to power his well, fridge, and lights.
  6. baron167

    Beer Drinkers

    Have had many and never disappointed. Popular here in the Annapolis, MD area.
  7. Sarcasm is lost on my comment [emoji23] oh well, back to the drawing board.
  8. Google says the V means they were made by Atlas (and are rare) so it must be true[emoji2369]
  9. Well this new record is certainly fun so far [emoji41] Foo Fighters - Medicine At Midnight
  10. Yup, the Aventage line is great. Put this one on your network for lots of “stuff”.
  11. Congrats and be prepared for a big surprise comparing them with the Heresys.
  12. Except for the quality of sound part [emoji2369]
  13. baron167

    Half time show

    To be clear, I didn’t think it sounded great; it sounded great. Maybe it’s my system?
  14. baron167

    Half time show

    Was not halftime. That was at the beginning and was glorious. 3 bombers.
  15. baron167

    Half time show

    I wasn’t replying to you, but, maybe stop being so judgmental. Sounded great.
  16. baron167

    Half time show

    Perhaps you’re missing them.
  17. baron167

    Half time show

    Don’t be a hater.
  18. Not exactly the same. My similar year Klipschorns sound the best out of my pairs of speakers, but with a caveat. They beat out 2 pairs of Cornwalls and Herseys. They sound better than my La Scalas, but the La Scalas’ imaging is superior to the Klipschorns’ imaging. Perhaps a time alignment issue in the Klipschorns? But better sounding than the Klipschorns? I’m gonna put my money on the Jubilees as the winner. No offense intended, but something else is going on if your Klipschorns in your scenario don’t sound the best.
  19. Some beers are ok as long as they go well with a good whiskey [emoji1634]
  20. It was fun. Inspired me to buy new Heritage. Good to see Klipsch guys relating and communicating. I don’t think they grasp the power within their reach, say if a certain Chief bonehead could make the time for a weekly podcast, answer questions after presenting some current happenings, you never know how things could go. There I go again; giving away consulting gold [emoji2369]
  21. Not to be glib, thanks. It’s OK, but could crap the bed any day. I’m familiar with that article. As much as I like it, my AR ES-1 still wins out. But, the Denon is being played. On to 90125. Justice to the left of you...
  22. I’d start by posting a pic of an actual record you’re currently spinning (ffs). And that goes for the other recent posters here, too. Much love [emoji123] [emoji3590]
  23. Onto this classic that can transport one back to a simpler time. I normally would not post a pic taken with a flash, but this one seems to be not so harsh. And you get to see my dusty environment.
  24. baron167

    Food Porn

    Special smash cheeseburger with caramelized onions on a homemade bun.
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