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  1. You can run your 1 to be purchased Heresy or other speaker off your extra ma5100 using the Mode Selector set to Mono (L+R). Pretty easy.
  2. FWIW, my 1990 stock La Scalas sound superb with their AL-3 crossovers. I also hear great things about running AA crossovers in La Scalas. Are you running flat from your Pioneer?
  3. FWIW I’m currently using KHO 7s as my Atmos speakers. LCR are CW 1.5 H II CW 1.5.
  4. Woolite in a bathtub and or shower should work well. Take your time and be gentle.
  5. baron167

    Bicycle Tires

    Edit: I run Maxxis Fuse tires on my road bike and have never had an issue.Not sure they are still available. I like the look of these. These look like a bargain. Continental GatorSkin DuraSkin Clincher Bike Tires, 2-Count https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01JN4YEDW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_KDF2M9WPSJYKPH2V6JX2?psc=1
  6. 1. J&J here 3 weeks ago with no side effects other than some soreness in the arm around the injection area. 2. OTA TV reception and FM Stereo reception has dramatically improved and I can order takeout by blinking my eyes in an SOS pattern. Just kidding about part 2.
  7. I was watching these form “best offer” to the $1000 obo change to the ad. I saw the chip and lack of badges, but considering the age, they looked good. Glad they sounded OK and you got them at a fair price. As others have said, don’t rush into any changes to crossovers. Focus on getting them cleaned up to your liking and then really focus on placement. Listen to them a lot. I was never really happy with mine until I started using them as my front mains in my HT setup. Yes, this is not only my worthless opinion , but a warning to not have your expectations too high for Cornwalls.
  8. I have their twins. I want that Belle Klipsch in the other ad... [emoji42]
  9. What AVR are you running? What speaker size are the mains set to? Have you run any kind of calibration or have you tried adjusting everything by ear (nothing wrong with that)? Is a sub being used?
  10. Perhaps try turning the right sub off and experiment with the left sub’s phase and volume until it sounds better to you. And the turn the right sub back on and see how it sounds.
  11. It will work. It will not sound bad. It will not sound great. it’s damping not dampening and you’re describing headroom, not damping with the “extra” power.
  12. But can you match the red red wine stains my MIL inflicted upon my sig series H2 Cain Grills? JK, no stains, but the spill was real.
  13. Update to what? No original Klipsch Cane available [emoji2369]
  14. Me too! I have signature H II’s with cane like these. Also have Cornwalls with Cane grills, but missed Klipschorns with cane grills a while back that were sold and bought on here. Did you get those?
  15. Shekels? And a goodly chunk of o’ching? Seriously, I think you should try harder to be more offensive. Should the buyer try to *** them down in price? JFC on a biscuit shaped like a cross [emoji38]
  16. Hi, if you’re streaming through the DVD player, I would hardwire it. I would not think the issue is with the AVR, but the HDMI cable being used and compatibility with the DVD player and or the AVR to TV. Going with optical out is ok, but it has its limitations (no Atmos, for 1 example).
  17. I have a whole house generator save the AC. Mine is setup with a manual breaker. I’ll rant now. It’s ridiculous that the US has not embraced basic common sense. I do not work for nor endorse Verizon, but because they are fiber, if I lose electric service to the house, I can power up my generator and have www. I say that’s a big deal. I have everything, but AC and that’s Only because I was too cheap to pay for a generator that could supply the 50 plus amps to start my AC unit. And it’s rare that I lose power in the warm months. Any power loss, neighbor plugs in every time to power his well, fridge, and lights.
  18. Have had many and never disappointed. Popular here in the Annapolis, MD area.
  19. Sarcasm is lost on my comment [emoji23] oh well, back to the drawing board.
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