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No matter what speakers a person has, I am a fan of "get the best center speaker you can find."  


This is the probably one of the best center speakers Klipsch has ever produced, and at a great price.


(no affil, and yes I own one)

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To bad he won't ship. It is the best center speaker klipsch ever made. One of the engineers that developed the crossover for that line lived near me in lake mary after he left the company. I can't for the life of me remember his name. I picked up two rc64II from him for someone out of state. I went over to look them over for a fourm member about 3 years ago.



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HERE IS THE REASON I DO NOT SHIP THE SPEAKERS I HAVE FOR SALE!!!-----------MY CHOICE!      I am sorry that I cannot ship the speakers, but I never want to get into a bad situation concerning a sale.   First, I don't have any boxes for the product for shipment.     Second, I don't want to deal with any hassle of packing of the product with materials on my dime.  Third, I don't want to deal with any SHIPPING GORILLAS THAT HANDLE THE SPEAKERS AND WILL BREAK THEM----fed ex, ups, dhl, usps,---etc.    So you must see the futility of shipping.   Thanks, for your understanding.---Ed

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