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FS (VA/MD/DC): Klipsch Reference II 7.0 setup (RF-7 ii, RC-64 ii, RS-62 ii, RS-41ii)


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Hey all - Just had a newborn and considering going to in-walls to free up some space in the room and hopefully have some money left over from the sale. Would hate to see this stuff go, but we don't get to use the media room much, right now.

Considering selling my Klipsch system. Purchased in 2014 and in great condition. Never over, or under, driven. Originally powered by a Denon x2200w then Denon x4300h and now an Outlaw 7125 amp.

Available (a la carte):
2 x RF-7 II - $750 each
1 x RC‑64 II - $550
2 x RS‑62 II - $250 each
2 x RS-41 II - $100 each

All together = $2600 ($150 off)

Only have original boxes for the RS-41’s, so can’t ship the RF-7s or the center. Located outside of Wash. DC (Leesburg, VA - 20175).

Attached are a few pictures of the speakers in our room.


Also listed on AVSForum: 













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Congratulations on the newborn, Dad!  :emotion-19:


You have some great equipment, and your prices look fair.  That would make for a fantastic turn-key system for someone. 


You said you might go to in-walls, but you could also safely go to bookshelf speakers mounted on wall shelves, the higher up the better in terms of the newborn, who I predict will grow up faster than you think. B)


As much as I like your setup, I like your newborn even better.  As babies grow into toddlers, boys especially will start to climb everything.  They will climb trees, they will climb walls, they will climb you and your wife, and they also will try to climb your speakers.


If you do end up keeping your beautiful RF-7 package you should really consider getting some kind of safety cable (they make kits) and secure your speakers to the wall to prevent them from tipping.


Good luck with the newly expanded family, and GLWYS.

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Thanks, wvu80! Appreciate the warmth.


Agreed on your comments - in-walls are 3 pronged approach:

1) Considering moving the L/C/R behind the screen, but don't have room to move the current setup behind it

2) If I were to go in-wall behind the screen, wanted to match whatever design is chosen for the rest of the room

3) Hoping to have money left over for other things with the sale


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On 11/7/2017 at 8:22 AM, BMac1203 said:

The rules on AVSforums.com don't allow for the thread starter to bump his own thread for a month, so I bumped it for you.


Great price, great stuff.  GLWYS

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Sorry guys - speakers are no longer for sale.


My wife talked me off the ledge - apparently I was overreacting with the newborn and getting rid of my toys....(she was right - great wife).


Apologies for anyone that didn’t get a response from me - I’ve been busy with the kid and haven’t checked back in months. 

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