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  1. Ahh, the remote issue. I have not upgraded to a harmony remote. Believe it or not my LG OLED (E6) magic remote pretty much does it all. Actually it does it all. Controls my denon X6400h receiver, Apple TV 4K, and my TV. I do sometimes use my Apple TV remote, but mainly just my LG remote. I’m not sure I’d benefit from a magic remote at this stage of the game. Only thing it does not do is switch between sound modes on my receiver, but as the Denon has auto source detection rarely need to use it. What are the benefits you mainly see with the harmony remotes? Worth the money?
  2. dubs


    Just installed two 5800ii’s Super stoked to see what they can do. Anybody have a recommendation of what to listen to? Also, does anybody have access to a Dolby atmos demo disc?
  3. Gotcha, could always surface mount? 😎👍🏼
  4. You must have vermiculite insulation. Popular with lathe & plaster ceilings. Just YouTube on how to cut speakers into ceiling(with fine insulation) Also you can get a FEIN saw, (little spendy), but makes exact cuts. It may be a little messy, but if you wanna make an omelette, you gotta break some eggs.
  5. I just installed some professional Armstrong sound panels in my living/theater room. Also got a rug down. Need to get my surrounds straightened out, and then Dolby atmos speakers. Who’s upgrading what out there? Anyone have their finger on the pulse of what audio format is going to take over Dolby Atmos? Or Auro 3D? I’ve asked around about what is the best configuration to put your speakers in for both formats. Nobody has been able to give me an answer. I think I’m just going to go atmos and cross fingers that not everything goes auro 3d. Hope everyone is having a great long memorial weekend. Happy listening!
  6. Youth going in on the Atmos! This is my next step, with same speakers. All CDT-5800ii’s. Still trying to figure what speakers are best for my surrounds.
  7. Anyone familiar with the Emotiva UPA-700? Found a deal in my area ($400) for the 7ch by 80Watts(8ohms) amp. Worth it? I already have my denon x6400. Wondering if it’s worth it to pick this up and power my front sound stage with the UPA-700?
  8. dubs


    Anyone know where i can score some rs-62ii’s? Or rb-81ii?
  9. I have the denon x6400 with the rf7ii and rc64ii. Sounds great! Added two R115SW too. Love this setup.
  10. dubs

    Subwoofer setup

    @garyrc thank you. Very informative. I love the symmetry looks of my 2 subs up front, but after reading this I may try to place them in different areas. Is behind me good? The shape of my room is odd. It’s not idea(square). It’s kind of an open floor plan. I ran my audessy again, and it corrected a lot for me. I’ve also been playing with subwoofer level adjust in the receiver, on top of changing my subwoofer crossover level for my fronts and center to 80hz. I think I’ve finally got it best for both worlds. I will try moving around room a little. Thanks again.
  11. @Youthman @wvu80 Klipsch 4 life. Picked up some R-15PM’s for my office laptop setup. Great sound outta these bad boys.
  12. Where u stay at? I’d be willing to pick up. PM me.
  13. @Brewmonkey , I was going to get the iii if I couldn’t find the ii at a heavy discount. I ended up finding a great deal through Adorama. I gotta give credit to another member here for telling me about the site. FYI for future reference I was really impressed with Adorama’s shipping/boxing methods. So buy with confidence there. Cory quoted me a great price as well for the iii. For me it was a budget issue. Enjoy the iii and post pics/opinion. Welcome to the Forum as well! This is my setup. Work in Progress. Looking to do a 7.2.4 atmos system.
  14. dubs

    Subwoofer setup

    I hear that. My whole house shakes wit these 2 new 15’s. I’ve blended them in good, and by changing my towers and center crossovers to 80hz it helped out quite a bit.
  15. dubs

    Subwoofer setup

    Thanks @garyrc, the write-up was pretty tech. I followed a little of it. Probably need to just play around with the settings a little more. Any quick tips you got while I dissect the write-up u sent?
  16. I’m doing similar setup. I’m doing a 7.2.4 atmos setup. The ceiling speakers u want are the CDT-5800-C ii. The rear surrounds are the RB-81’s. (I’m going with the C-5800-W in walls). The RS-62ii is the side surrounds ur looking for. Take pics. Enjoy 😎👍🏼
  17. I agree with youth, I just recently went through this dilemma. Went with the 64ii. Got it at huge discount at Adorama. $550 delivered. The new one wasn’t worth all the extra cash as well as not matching the RF-7ii’s. It sounds great. Find the ii at a discount and don’t look back.
  18. Been in the elec industry 20 years. Go with whatever’s cheaper. There’s no real advantage one over the other. Workability is about it.
  19. I did hear that Klipsch is in the works to make a 21” sub. 😎👍🏼 I’m interested in the Dayton setup Emile has. May return my 115’s. I did get them at a great discount, but if they aren’t the best, then I may return. I guess the SVS are best, but I’m also on a budget and don’t feel like spending 2k or up on one sub. I will say. The 115’s LOOK awesome! Speakers are meant for sound so looks isn’t the most important thing, but it does add a certain element of allure. Love the way they look in my room with the grills off. I’m probably overthinking it. As Willand stated, mess with the settings and enjoy. Thanks yall
  20. Thanks bro. I will now make sure to ask your opinion before I buy any subwoofer in the future.
  21. I still want to know if @The History Kid has tested both of them himself.
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