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Change KG Risers from Oak Oil to Walnut Oil?

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I have the opportunity to procure a set of Risers for my KG4's.  Unfortunatly, they are in Oak Oil and not Walnut Oil.  Has anyone ever successfully changed the Oak Oil finish to Walnut?  I realize the grain is different, but its just the Risers so I'm not too concerned about the grain appearance.  I'm not a wood worker, so I'd like to get an idea of just how much work this would be if it is indeed doable.  Maybe I just need to be more patient and wait for a set Walnut Oil Risers to come available.  I appreciate your input.

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Sand them down and stain them with a walnut stain that you can get at the Home Depot (Minwax is very common and you can get really small containers). 


I have Oak Forte II's that I will be staining Oak to match a pair of Chorus II's.  Easy to do. 


I have oak railings that I stained to match my doors and they came out very nice. 


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Thanks everyone for your input.  I recently purchased four KG4's from their original owner.  Two had Risers and two did not.  He had taken them off to stack the speakers and misplaced them over the years.  I'd like to make them complete and keep them matching, so I will continue to pursue either staining a set of Oak oil Risers or finding a set of Walnuts.  I was hoping that staining the Oak would not require allot of prep since it is lighter than the Walnut.  Thanks again.


tigerwoodKhorns, Nice railings!  That must have been a big job.

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