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Trying to match Belle Klipsch finish


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Yea those Belles have been mellowing for 40 years:) Sunlight does that, even to some degree on walnut. Are they WO or WL? My KHorns are WO and as far as I know Klipsch just used a clear oil finish on them. A couple times in the past about 30 years I have just used Watco Oil finish in "natural" to re finish them. For routine maint. i just use lemon oil. About 5 to 6 years ago i had to replace a piece of edge banding on the tophat and yep it did not match. But it looks better than the cracked broken piece it replaced. I have no idea how to match a 40 yr old patina. Perhaps some more expert woodworking types will jump in.

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37 minutes ago, jimjimbo said:

No, that's 40 years of vintage goodness on those sweethearts....I'd worry less about the Belles and concentrate on the sub.  


Patina is nearly impossible to replicate but it can be "nearly" duplicated.

Try Oldred's suggestion.

Nothing better than proven experience.

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I think oldred has a good solution and it is simple to do.


I had great fortune in finding a Sherwin Williams expert to custom mix a stain that would match a 50 year old wood finish for a house renovation project.

The result was perfection.


The stain can be matched.


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