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SOLD - Oppo BDP-83 Special Edition Audiophile Blu-ray Player For Sale


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Oppo BDP-83SE (Special Edition) audiophile Blu-ray player in mint condition.  This audiophile unit will play all disc formats including CD’s, DVD Audio, SACD, DVD, and Blu-ray.  The BDP-83 Special Edition incorporates the ES9016 Sabre (32) Ultra DAC for the stereo output and an ES9006 DAC for the 7.1 channel output. The video chipset is VRS from Anchor Bay.  I replaced this unit with a new Oppo UDP-205.  I’m asking $275.

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40 minutes ago, whatever55 said:

I own the 83-SE and it sounds great. Only issue is I have to keep a disc in the tray so it will open.  If I ship it to OPPO they will repair it for $99.  Have you had any issues with your tray ?

How does the sound compare between the 205 and 83 ?


Did you contact Oppo???...it's been two years but I sent my 83 (non SE version) to them for repair...they had it fixed within one day and I only paid shipping...they did not charge me for repair...THAT is a rare kind of customer service.


As to sound...mine sounds very good on DVDs and pretty nice hooked up for CDs in Analog out...I prefer the Oppo doing the Digital to Analog Processing...I'd imagine since the 205 is several generations newer it would sound even better...

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