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SOLD !! Klipsch Forte - Oak For Sale


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Hello all, I am selling my Oak Forte's.  They are in excellent condition, clean grills, square corners, no moisture rings, passive radiator has no dents and has Bob Crites cap upgrade.  Unfortunately I cant ship these so they will need to be picked up in ATL, GA 30019.  They are worth a road.  This is one the cleanest Forte's I have seen.  Selling for &750.00, thanks for looking and if you need any additional pics let me know, seems as though it wont let me load any more pics.


PS: I posted this ad almost a year ago, I had a couple of folks that wanted to buy the Fortes but never followed through with the purchase. So I've reposted the ad, let me know if you have any questions. 






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When one considers the price for a set of new Fortes, this is a massive bargain. I believe its just a matter of finding that right person in your locale. And that takes exposure.


Do you have them listed on craigslist Atlanta? Or Facebook if you do FB. I will warn you when listing on FB you will get a lot of tire kickers. It almost discouraged me but I did eventually sell my old desktop pc via FB. 

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I would like to apologize to every one that posted, for whatever reason I haven't been receiving email responses or alerts to comments.

I should have been checking my ad but since I wasn't receiving any emails I assumed there was no interest, my bad.

The Fortes are still available, I also posted them on audioasylum.com. If you have any questions I'll make sure to respond in a timely manner.




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