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Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries-SOLD


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I got these a few months ago and had them completely tuned up, DeOxit, new caps, new transformers, basically all new electrolytics, and a total overhaul. They function perfectly, no hum, everything to spec, controls work flawlessly. All knobs and switches are original and they still have the original rubber feet (which are known to come off). The cages and chassis are in really good condition, minor fading on the cages and some small nicks on the chassis’s. Each crossover has two 12ax7 tubes, one 6x4 rectifier tube and one 54-40 power transformer. I also have the original manual from 1956. I have about a grand into them so far, but am willing to hear offers for less.



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Happened to be watching Monty Python when these sold.
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