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Klipsch La Scala II s


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Rich If you were still in Austin I would have grabbed them!  Oh well.  


Sounds like you have upgraded your system since you lived in Austin.  Jubs👍:D.


I Hope everything is going well in TN!  Austin still the same, HOT!

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I finally have had a chance to hook up 2 of the Lascala speakers I bought from Rich and at first I was a little disappointed at the bass I was getting from then,but after I little placement and some swapping out inconnects I am really impressed at they way them image and the bass is fine.I can only load 1 picture due to size,but you get  an idea if what they look like.Rich was great to deal with and he included some risers he had made that raises the speakers to ear level from my sitting position.


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No changes were made to the speaker,just adding the risers and adding them may reduce the bass,but I notice an improvement with the midrange horn being ear level when sitting down.I just set them up and left town for the weekend,when I return I will try different amps and cables to see how they will sound.I will measure the risers for the forum member and post them on the forum.

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