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Pioneer Series 20 M-25 Amp


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Anyone have much experience with one of these?  I have LSI's and was looking for a class A amp.  One of these for sale in Denver and I love the looks (WAF).  Recently looked at the MacIntosh MA252 and the wife loved the little LED lights.  She also loved the sound of the MA 252.  I just seem to be more drawn to the vintage stuff.  More my nature.  Any advice much appreciated.  Would like to know what the overall sound is like and if there are people around who can service one of these amps if need be.



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I have never seen one of these. About the only Pioneer I haven't seen, but it is a 40 year old Class A Solid State amp. Recapping is a minimum to make reliable. These may even get hot enough to wear out the output devices. Not uncommon at all to see this in Class A stuff.

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As mentioned in other posts and after looking at the specifications, this amp only operates in class A up to 3 watts and then is class A/B for the rests. It shouldn't be getting especially hot at all.


You are likely to almost never get out of the 3 watt range so you should probably be staying in Class A with the LSI speakers. You will have a lot of headroom.



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