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Fisher 400cx-2 tube preamplifier (WA)


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Late production preamp, in unbelievable condition. All stock, fully functional, very little use.

  I own, have owned, and will continue to own and run many vintage pieces. Having been rarely used, this one suffers not from many issue that plague, though it is of course...getting along in years. Whenni got it, i pulled the orig tubes, (still very strong and tested with my TV-7du) and installed a set of gold pin "ultimo" tube set so i wouldnt burn up the Telefunken.  Electro harmonix and JJ gold pins the lot, while not premium tubes, this thing is still romantic, full bodied and 3 dimentional. Imaging doesnt drift, controls ballanced and centered, all gravy.  I bought a rebuild kit thinking i would, and never did. Its all stock.

 Whats included:

  1.New tubes

  2. Orig tubes (yes all of them) with my measurments on them. (Dan Nelson calibrated Hickock tv7) measured as follows:



The 7247 quad


The 6v6 rectifier= 64,63

  All lettering, every single letter (within every word) on the tubes are 100% intact.

  3. Rebuild kit (unused)

  4.new volume control (remanufactured) never needed it

  5. Orig feet, and the Mcintosh feet currently on it. Orig feet, have seen better days.

  6. Mahogany wood case orig to the unit, some cracking and failure in joints on case, inquire for additional pics.

  7. All the paper work i have (will have to look and see what that was) 

   I have been doing audio a long time, and have held this piece. I watch these like a hawk, as well as the other pieces i own, in upwards of 50 pieces. This, is the nicest example ive seen yet, and its price will reflect that. 



  If you know the current going price of this model, and understand that its condition, combined with the items included puts the cost above any current or past price, then you will have no problem paying a premium dollar, for a premium product.



4k, all fees and shipping cost is to be paid by you. I will pack it personally, as that is the ONLY way it will get "professionally packed"

  Upon your contacting me, i will forward high res pics to email of your choice, and outline any imperfections in great detail. It is a large investment, and all of your questions will be answered.  BTW, if you havent priced Telefunken tubes lately, please do so before you balk to terribly much!


Ps. Its vintage audio. There is no gaurentee or money back. You will pay shipping, fees and insurance, and receive EXACTLY what is outlined.











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2 hours ago, Westcoastdrums said:

Very nice.   Premium looking indeed.   GLWS. 

Thank you. I will post pics of wood case, documentation,  orig tubes and shields, when i get a chance this, or tomorrow, evening. 

  On a side note to anyone happening to see this listing,  the pics of the face i noticed have some artifacts. This is just that, as there are no missing letters on this unit anywhere. One imperfection on the face itself,  and as mentioned high res pics are avail to anyone who wishes to see more.

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