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How Will You Celebrate Columbus Day


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40 minutes ago, jimjimbo said:

You might have missed it, but Denny's actually does serve people of color these days.

I didn't miss it nor dis Tiger.  That's where he liked to go trolling.


On another note,  I'm glad to say that the Pumpkinator is still as good as I remember it.


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Spent the day working about 14 hours. Called my wife on the way home, asked if she stopped to get the mail. She said it had not arrived yet when she got home. I got home checked my mail....waved at my neighbor checking her mail.....found nothing, realized it was Columbus day. I bet my neighbor got nothing too ;)

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I finished up my day at one of the local grocery store. My wife and I notice a little festive area with loud music and a sizeable crowd.  It was time to take a detour and check it out.  It was Bo Jackson's 8 city burger battle.  The winning chef received a trophy, autographed baseball bat and something else.  We tasted food from all the 8 chef's station.  The Bo Jackson walked over and ask me, why didn't tell you wife there was on her face.  We both looked surprised.  I quickly replied, I don't know what Bo knows, lol.


20181008_172628 2.jpg

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