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KD-17 passive woofer in Chorus II’s?


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On 11/16/2018 at 2:59 PM, EpicKlipschFan said:

before & after what?  i mentioned i've never used the recones so i can't meaure anything... do you have measurements to indicate they are inferior to OEM?  have you heard them to know they sound or perform different?


those are the only questions i've asked.. so far the only "answers" have been subjective & unverified opinion, which you are entitled to.


i will bow out of this debate,  i was only mentioning the re-cone kit as an option to the OP incase he wasn't aware of them.  carry on. 




Until i see proof these replacement parts have the proper T/S parameters i will remain a skeptic. Forgive me for being picky, i just like things done properly so not to have to fix things twice.


By the way it was an Adcom GFA 5500  running my Chorus II when it blew out one of my passive radiators. Its worth looking for air leaks if you own a set to be sure you have the speakers working their best.

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On 11/13/2018 at 8:13 AM, Gorm said:

I have a brand new pair of KD-15s for sale:


I bought them from Klipsch recently to fix a pair of Chorus II, but ended up finding another mint pair of Oiled Oaks, so I still have the extra passives.


Let me know via PM if your interested.





Still have these?


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I always find it entertaining while reading through the many differing thoughts and opinions in some of these threads.  My 2 cents about the passive comments of those being concerned about them not looking right...


Well, the two times I really noticed my passive radiators on my Forte II's;

1) When I placed them in my system when I bought them

2) When I took them out of my system when I sold them


I don't know how some of you are listening to your speakers with passive radiators, but sitting behind your speaker in a corner staring at the PR is not on my recommended list of ideal listening spots.  Maybe you're on to something and I've been missing out?


Just a though!  Happy listening.

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