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How do you waste time at work???

Mighty Favog

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So, if I understand what you are all looking for it can be summarised as naked, young, female and no doubt blond.

Never being one to refuse a fellow audiophile's reasonable demand here you all go.

(Enjoy before the sensor edits this post)


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Heres the link to the picture.


For some reason the real link leaves off the .jpg therefore it does not find the photo. I just clicked on the picture that you tried to post and checked it's properties. I saw that you had downloaded it from C:WINDOWS/Angelica.jpg therefore i then knew the name of the photo and realized that the link was showing the proper name of the photo so I went into the adress bar and added the .jpg and whola.

So it looks like if you upload pics you may need to drop the .jpg since the BB isn't recognizing it and is thus dropping it from the link or something like that. Who know, maybe your just like the rest of us tblasing and have absolutly no idea what your doing.LOL3.gif


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On 10/31/2002 12:16:46 PM erikjohn wrote:

Who know, maybe your just like the rest of us tblasing and have absolutly no idea what your doing.LOL

EJ ----------------



Well, there it is and I have know idea how to find the address for it unless I load it, goof up and then right click on it to find the properties. There must be an easier way.13.gif

I think if there was a way to see all the pics you've uploaded in the past like the old forum software did then I could get the address to insert.

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When my girlfriend was married she tells me that when she was pregnant with her first she measured at 44! Shame I wasn't there for that. But then again, I was only 14.

Angelica is all of 28 years old and stands a very petite 4'10" (heck, I'm only 5'8"). She just has this nasty habit of having boyfriends that aren't worth the powder to blow them up. The last two were drummers (she thinks there's a connection). Bu then her bass player quit.

From an Eddie Murphy on stage album (in a Caribbean voice) "Come with me. Dexter take care of you"....... if only.

She does ask me for advice once and again on the mental workings of guys. Don't worry, no well known testoserone secrets revealed3.gif.

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I come here and chat amongst you fine people1.gif

Oh and frustrate boa by drilling a subject to death 2.gif

I belong to a sizeable group which belongs to a larger sizeable group which in turn... you get the idea.. Anyway, we used to be in a main building that had about 3,000 to 4,000 peeps. Indeed the scenery was nice. Then they moved our small sizeable group to a completely different building and now it's like looking at a desert.7.gif

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Well todays time wasting devises have included running next door to the local gym for a workout then over to do a little indoor tanning now i'm going to serf this site for awhile then head over to boston pizza for a steak and beer for lunch. later this afternoon i'll run downtown for a massage and maybe pick up a dvd for tonight.Sure glad i made the switch from a blue collar to a white collar job. lol 9.gif

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