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Donating to the Museum ?

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4 hours ago, PrestonTom said:

Could someone provide a link for those who would like to donate to the Klipsch Museum? I was unable to find a link on the Klipsch website. 

Thanks in advance,



If you aren't a member of the museum and would want to be the best way to support the museum is by being a member. It really keeps us going.



We love donations as well. You can donate services, items needed, or money.



Thank you so much for asking how to help the musem. It is greatly appreciated.



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On 9/4/2019 at 7:38 PM, PrestonTom said:


I was confused since the Museum website is separate from the "Klipsch" site. Consequently .... I was lost.

Great point.  The Klipsch Museum of Audio History was started by PWK.  As it grew it eventually moved across the street to the first factory and where the lab was and where the Museum is currently.


Klipsch, in order to ensure that the artifacts (speakers), archives and the PWK Professional Library remained intact, regardless of what the future may hold, agreed to donate the land, building, artificats, library and archives to a non-profit corporation that was formed to preserve all of those items.


There is a Board of Trustees, all volunteers, the Curator is Jim Hunter.



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