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Has anyone seen or heard these horns?


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Can we say mo-money-than-brains.

I was really into the high-end speaker scene for a while, and the more I saw the more ridiculous it seemed.

9.gif $3500 for a 2-meter cable? $100,000 for a pair of speakers? I would place the K-horns up against any of these so-called hi-ends.

4.gif Honey, the central air on the dog's italian villa is out again, and the cat needs a new Ferrari)

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Has anyone heard the Avantgarde horn speakers (http://www.avantgarde-usa.com/home.html)?

Supposed to be good, butt...

6.gifI just moved back to Louisiana from Atlanta (missed the mud between my toes and the moss in my hair), and never took the opportunity to visit the HornGuys Atlanta showroom (only distributor of Avantgarde in US).

Take a look at the horn-loaded? woofer section on the webpage. Man!...looks like a bad piece of metal-art! Get your wife to place THAT in the LR!6.gif

Anyway, anyone heard these thangs?

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I very briefly heard the AG Uno's about a year ago. They were being driven by an 2A3 SET amp from Wavelength with SACD as the source. It's tough to give an opinion as I really didn't get a good chance to listen to them. They did sound good, but I can't say they knocked my socks off. They were being marked down from 10K to 7K as the dealer was no longer going to carry them (couldn't sell them).

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The Duo was playing at last year's high end show in Athens and I got to listen to them for a considerable period of time (about 2 hours) with a vinyl source.

They produce a much more laid back sound than Klipsch and are certainly an interesting speaker but there were a few issues that concerned me.

Foremost amongst these was the integration of the woofer unit with the Horns. Somehow, at least in that room and with that setup it didnt seem quite right. Whether it was a problem of the driver or the crossover or something else I could not tell but there was definitely a disconnection between the bass and the rest of the sound.

I should say that those comments are in relation both to my expecation of the sound and to the sound up the hallway where a pair of KHorns were playing with a fairly serious front end.

With the KHorns you couldnt tell where the crossover points were on listening, with the avantegards it felt like you could.

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I think I'm going to go with the New York Audio Laboratories $250,000.00 power amps & plug them into some car speakers hung in the middle of the room. At that price they should be able to make anything sound glorious.

I also like the $750 3to2 prong power cord adaptors with built-in flasher.

(what the hell is the matter with some of these "manufacturers"? I'm in the wrong business. Guess I'm not very good at being a con artist).

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Well, what really bothers me is the fact that no one manufactures a resonance free receptacle wall plate that comes in direct contact with the power cord plug. With the proper wall plate, isolating resonances from the plug and attached cable -- any power cable at the $2000 pricepoint would immediately come to the same performance level as any $5000 and above power cable.

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