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Sold: Emotiva UMC-200 AV processor $200


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For sale; Emotiva UMC-200 AV processor. $200 plus shipping ... probably about $25 depending on your location. Everything is included ... mike, manual, remote, original box, bag, etc. (note; also the silver side pieces, not shown in pics). Unit is extremely clean ... I would rate it 9.9/10.  Someone get this before I chance my mind :) PayPal to friends is OK; you can pay me for shipping when we find out how much it was :) 


Bought this 2 weeks ago ( see https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649579790-emotiva-umc-200-71-home-theater-preamplifiersurround-processor/ )  as I was having problems with my AVR and was anticipating a 2 month repair :(  See my post ... 


But, AVR checked out OK and I decided to use it even though this unit is better. Emotiva has 4 HDMI in's which all transfer to zone 2 ... I use more HDMI inputs :) 


Some pics below ... more on the original US AudioMart site.







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1 hour ago, carlthess40 said:

Dude you killing me with the things you sell



Come and pick it up ... and I'll give you my Telefunken console (with RF-3 speakers and Marantz TT) for $50.  OK; add a single Heresy 1.5 for $90 (wife does not like it as it "blocks" the fireplace) ... paid $200 for it :D 

Guess if I get rid of the console, I will also have an Oppo DV-970HD, a Marantz 1060 with a new walnut case and a Marantz 2252B up for "grabs."

Cheers, Emile

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Hmmm - thinking this could mate with my oldie but goodie Yamaha DSP-A1 via its external decoder inputs , put those nice Yammie amps back to good use.  I don't watch 4K or have any 4K sources - so this setup should work out I think.  Greatly appreciate any feedback/confirmation on this setup validity - I don't mean to step in the way of any immediate buyers, potential buyer here.  Thanks very much!


Best Regards,


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6 minutes ago, rszoke said:

Funny - right after Dave's, I snooze I lose!  ;)


Sorry brother!


I was running an XPA-5 though an Onkyo 717 AVR which finally had the dreaded and well known HDMI problem fail a few weeks ago.  I've been looking for just the right deal for a pre-pro and my needs are pretty basic.  I think this will be a good fit.

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22 minutes ago, wvu80 said:

It looks like you grabbed it before me as I have not heard back from Emile yet.  Congrats!

I think he meant "sold to YOU" :)  Thanks Dave. Just send you a PM :D  Sorry guys ... dozed off for an hour :) 

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  • Emile changed the title to Sold: Emotiva UMC-200 AV processor $200
18 minutes ago, Emile said:

I think he meant "sold to YOU" :)  Thanks Dave.


You're the guy who would know!  That's what happens with those one word posts, it's easy for me to get a little confused.


PM sent.  Paypal sent.  Thanks, Emile.  -Dave


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The Emo UMC-200 came in a day early so I've been listening for about an hour now to my standard references, male and female vocal, some Chick Corea with horn section.  It take horns to play horns!


First a shout out to @Emile for the fine packaging.  Expertly done!


The bad part is the menu structure is a bit hard for me to follow.  The unit is from circa 2013 and the features are very sophisticated compared to any AVR I've owned, but the GUI is dated.


The good news is the sound quality.  I was say it's much more dynamic than my Onkyo 717 AVR with the Emotiva XPA-5.  It's a lot more bright in the HF but it's overall incredibly articulate, which is what I like.  There is far more potential to tune the sound once I get it set up.  All I did was plug and play, and it sounds pretty good so far.


This isn't high def at only 480p but it's pretty good.  This is what I've been listening to:


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