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First Gen Klipsch 510 horns for FREE

Dave A

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35 minutes ago, carlthess40 said:

Is it that you think that the horns would not handle being shipped or is it they are just to large to ship?

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Anything with enough protection can be shipped. These are not to big to ship. I am not going to ship. I hear they do make great exploding targets though and I have a nice new 2 MOA  Red Dot to try on these.

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I remember that djk mentioned adding a clay or talc like powder that was added to horns to help deaden them acoustically. They probably had a batch that they got the ratio wrong, making them too brittle.

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It's funny stuff and when I had some pieces in a burn pile there was a semi fibrous mass left over that could easily be crushed but it did retain it's shape though the fire. Two sets left now for anyone who is willing to do a pick up on them.

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