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Tar from 1971 Klipschorn- How to clean

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10 hours ago, Coytee said:

Are you arbitrarily changing your drivers or are they blown?


My 1979 LaScalas are still going strong....  hard to wear them out.


If they're working, I'd leave them alone.


Now, as for the goo......  you have a number of ideas above.  I used a putty knife on mine.  My gasket had turned to a sticky mess.... kept drivers, installed new gasket.


my k-33p are still working properly. Also I measured the ohms and I have 3.3 ohms on both woofer. 

However a month ago I had the opportunity to get 1 Crites woofer from a friend for a trial to compare it against my k-33p and... wow what a difference. Any additional bass I can get from my khorn is welcome. That is way I now bought a pair to swap with my k-33p. I suspect that I can hear the difference of a 50 year old woofer agains a brand new with theoretically the same specs.


ill use the putty knife and new gasket. It’s just that with only the putty knife I can’t really clean completely the surface which is my goal before apply the new gasket.





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By the way I put some anti scratch pads below the khorn (you can see in the pic) and that killed the bass. I’m planning to cut an area rug and put it under the khorn flipped so that the rubber bottom seals the base of the bass bin and the soft side against the floor allow easy movement of the speakers if needed. Anyone tried this?


for the back and top area I’m using pipe isolation.


some pic attached of the rug and the pipe isolation.


am I missing something?







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I would just use furniture GRIPPERS on the bottom. Be sure to use foam seal on the bass bin corners and horizontal part of bass bin. I got some pool noodles the other day on sale and they seem to hold up better than the pipe foam I used before.    OH  I see you already got some foam on there...lol

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A warm (below steam setting) clothes can be used to remove labels/stickers from cardboard boxes and envelopes. 


However most stickers with machine printed information are made of thermal paper and will turn black because of the heat. 


Therefore copy or photograph any needed info.

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On 4/8/2020 at 9:20 PM, Alberto Bianchi said:

I can’t really clean completely the surface which is my goal before apply the new gasket


You could leave the sticky residue behind as pre-sticky when you apply the new gasket.  Get the lumps out, leave the sticky, return hatch.  It's not like anyone is going to see it nor it's going to hurt anything (as long as it doesn't prevent a good seal)

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