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Need recommendations for a decent CD player for 2 channel system.


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4 hours ago, glens said:

Really, for what you want, an $89 "smart" blu-ray player from Wally World ought to get the job done.  Personally, I'd spend the time to rip everything to flac, copiously tag the files, and spend the money on something that'll grab the songs over wifi.  Either something to feed your amplification or a newer amp with a DAC and a receiver.

Here's my cheap cd player: Synology RT2600ac wireless router with a 200gb micro sd card, a Chromecast Audio into good DAC and Hifi -Cast on my phone.

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35 minutes ago, jordan122345 said:

Ok just picked up a basically new Maranrz cd6006 with everything plus the box for $201. Now to get home and hook it up. Thanks for the help all 

Good going.  I am guessing the $201.00 resulted from some back and forth?





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Just now, jordan122345 said:

I have not had a chance since I was at work and trying to get the ce player cheaper lol

The Audio Cast looks to be just about identical to the Chromecast Audio.  If it is I may just snag one for another one of my rigs.



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