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LS II vs. AL5 are the improvements worth the money

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8 hours ago, RandyH000 said:

 the LS II  split cab is a beauty  -


The 2-piece cabinet makes moving them quite a bit easier.  The HF cabinet might be the heavier part.  When a friend and I repositioned my LS2s a month ago, I was really surprised to feel how heavy the top cabinets were.  If the cabinets were a 1-piece unit, it would make moving them really difficult.  To get the idea, set a pair of 25-pound barbell plates on top of a first-gen La Scala, lose the flat bottom and steel button feet, and then try shifting them.


All told, though, the improvement in looks over the early versions of the original La Scalas is hard to overstate.  To my eyes, the 3/4" panels or the originals somehow look a bit too thin when they meet the top section, while the 1" panels of the LS2s look just right.  As well, the Furniture Grade finish of the LS2s is so much better looking than the Utility finish of the earlier ones.  I don't include the later (post-1980 or 1990?) models of the originals, because they do look like they belong in a living room, instead of on stage or behind the sofa.


Of course, this is how they look to me.  Your personal La Scalas may look exactly right to you.  I feel lucky to have both varieties.

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