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Is it even worth it? Should I pull the plug?


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On 2/2/2021 at 8:24 AM, oldtimer said:

My Sunfire amp has a choice of two outputs for stereo.  One is the straight ss amp out, and the other is said to give a more tube like sound by modifying the zero ohm output to yield a one ohm output.  They called it current source while the zero ohm was called voltage source.  Something like that may be worth checking out.

Absolutely. My Accuphase integrated allows for multiple configurations. I could run a tube pre with SS amp or a tube amp with SS pre. But for myself at this point in life whence my hearing has become problematic I simply do not have the same desire to system putz. Keeping it simple. Spent the $$$ and got quality SS to go with my fully modded khorns. Happy I did so. 

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Hi Kevin,


I weaned myself from the heat and hassles of tubes years ago when I discovered Texas Instruments based class D chip amps.  I’ve persuaded myself that class D actually sounds better to these old ears than tubes, irrespective of the heat and maintenance issues.


My reliance on tubes was shaken when my younger brother and an audiophile friend of his consistently preferred a restored Harman Kardon 431 to my modified Dynaco tube gear in a blind comparison.  The difference was not great, but it was there.


The fun of tube rolling, bias adjustments and heating my home with an amp are in my rear view mirror.  It’s a hobby, whatever you decide is right for you, is right for you.  As long as the experience of tinkering with tubes brings you pleasure,  continue.  When enjoying the music becomes more important than playing with the hardware, I recommend class D chip amps.





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I can't escape the fact that when I really want to get into the music....and I mean the music as well as the sound quality....I always lean towards the rich, warm sound I get from my tube amps.

In my main listening room I have it set up so that I use the same speakers but my equipment rack/shelves are loaded with tube and solid state gear. A simple flip flop of a couple wires and I can make the change depending on mood, type of music or whatever.

I typically start off with solid state. Usually I stick with solid state but when the mood strikes.....usually later into the night but not neccesarily.....I'll switch over to tubes and I just appreciate it that much more. Sometimes I'm more into the snappier sound from solid state and sometimes it's more about the sweet, warm laid back sound of tubes.

If I had to go back strictly to one or the other......man, I don't even want to think about it LOL.

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