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Top 5 comedy DVD's to own?


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great topic! gotta have at least one farrelly bros. movie in there. i have kingpin. also great are dumb & dumber, something about mary, & me, myself & irene (carrey's best imo).

"american pie" was good

woody allen's "everything you wanted to know about sex".

"being there" w/ peter sellers.

a few that come to mind. also like the comedy classics like w.c fields, laurel & hardy, & the 3 stooges. "the denist" w/ w.c fields where he throws his clubs in the water then the caddy. classic. also the mutual disrespect between him & kids & dogs. 9.gif

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Great comments...

I watched "Manhattan" by Woody Allen this weekend...a good one for the list and I'll make room for a few more Woody Allen movies.

I haven't seen "being there" w/ peter sellers in years so I think I'll get that one and watch it again...I really liked it the first time.

Farrelly Bros need representation

Personally, I need to think about Jim Carrey. He's hit and miss with me. I haven't seen Me, Myself, & Irene so I'll request that one from netflix today.

What about Robin Williams - "Good Morning Vietnam"?

I'd like to have a list of about 10. There are many films I enjoyed watching once but I'm trying to select a short list for the core movie library.

"B&W Comedy Classics" needs to been a new category because there are many as you suggested. I'll build that list next.

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Hmmm, looks like this thread will have lots of good suggestions... I found "A Knight's Tale" to be very funny... particularly in the way non-authentic way they portrayed the jousts... and the way the director strived to bring a contemporary feel to the mind of the viewer with modern music, dance and garb!

Other period pieces that ranked high on the comedic scale were "Shakespeare in Love" and my all time favorite, "Dangerous Beauty." The last one has such witty reparté and autobiographical perspective on modern society that it gets lent out so often from my DVD library that I bought a second copy.

In a more contemporary vein, the comedic approach to martial arts films portrayed in "Rush Hour," "Rush Hour 2" and the orientally twisted wild west of the "Shanghai Kid" brought a welcome perspective to less artfully done epics... especially when the humor is not quite over-the-top as it can be.

Over-the-top seems to fit a lot of folks like Goldie Hawn, Mel Brooks and Steve Martin... who indeed had their better cinematic moments... but I also remember the classics of old timers like the late Allister Sim and Zero Mostel whose larger-than-life comedic facial contortions riveted vaudeville and movie patrons alike.

With all the woes in the world... and a war that may be short on "whoas"... it is nice to reflect on the humor that has made life worthwhile. I look forward to lightening my spirit with more suggestions from those who have yet to post. -HornED

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Wow...how am I going to limit my comedy selections to 10?

Here are some more for the now top 10 list:

Dr. Strangelove

Spinal Tap

I loved Tin Men and I just bought Rush Hour.

HornEd mentioned "Dangerous Beauty" which I haven't seen, so off I go to Netflix to give it a try.

I got this comment from a friend who is a WC Field fan.

The WC Fields movie "The Dentist" was mentioned earlier in this thread. This is one of 5 short films directed by Mack Sennett. There was a scene in "The Dentist" that was cut out of the film when it was shown on TV in the 50's because it was considered too racy!

The other films are: The Golf Specialist, The Pharmacist, The Barber Shop and The Fatal Glass of Beer. My fave of all is The Pharmacist. I think it's some of Fields' best comedy acting.

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thanks ed. how could we forget mel brooks & young frankenstein & blazing saddles.

also i thought of monty python's search for the holy grail.

kj, thanks for the w.c. info. bet that scene was something w/ a woman in the dentist's chair. i'll have to look for w.c. flicks on dvd or at least video tape now.

you may need at least 25 flicks for just a start. 9.gif be sure to catch "being there" & "me, myself & irene". they also have the best acting jobs ever done by sellers & carrey respectively imho.

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Thanks to all.

I've scene and loved "Being There" and I look forward to watching it again...I think it's cheap on DVD, too.

Me, Myself and Irene has been added to the Netflix queue.

I'm having trouble deciding what to simply rent from Netflix and what to buy. I have way too many CDs and Records so I don't need another collection. Wait until I start thinking of favorite dramas, action flics, etc. The core must own library could get out of hand.

I've had this rent don't buy attitude but I feel I'm about to open the flood gates.

Good thing it's Christmas.

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10 of my favs:

1)Waiting For Guffman

2)Harold And Maude

3)Naked Gun/Police Squad(IN COLOR!)

4)Being There

5)This Is Spinal Tap

6)There's Something About Mary

7)Being John Malkovich

8)Clerks/Mallrats/Chasing Amy/Dogma/Jay & Silent Bob


10)Happy Campers

honorable mention goes to...It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.

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Anything by the Cohen Bros: "Raising Arizona", "Fargo", "Hudsucker Proxy"...

Anything By Monty Python: "Holy Grail", "Jabberwocky", "The Life of Brian", "Meaning of Life"...

Anything by the Farelly Bros: "Dumb & Dumber", "Kingpin", "Something About Mary"...

Anything by Mel Brooks: "12 Chairs", "The Producers", "Blazin Sadles", "Young Frankenstein", "High Anxiety", "Hist. of The World-Part 1"...

Anything w/ Peter Sellers: Pink Panther films, "Dr. Strangelove...", Being There"...

Almost anything w/ Steve Martin: "The Jerk", "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid", "All of Me", "The Man w/ Two Brains", "LA Stories"...

Almost anything w/ Mike Myers: "Austin Powers 1, 2, & 3", "I Married an Axe Murderer"

Individual Films not already mentioned:

"Some Like It Hot"

"A Fish Named Wanda"

"The Full Monty"

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Not necessarily one of the best, but certainly one of the most bizzare (and funny): I recently rented, then purchased "Cannibal The Musical," by the guys that later did "South Park." Some of my forum mates have a sick enough mind to get a kick out of this one (you know who you are...). Surprisingly, there is even a cameo appearance by Stan Brakhage, arguably the most important filmmaker in the history of cinema. Those interested should do a Google search.

As for "Golden Age" comedies, I've always enjoyed Laurel & Hardy. "Sons Of The Desert" is a favorite. Stan's bit where he eats the wax apple is hillarious.


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I decided to focus my list on comedy from my life and have another list for 50's and older comedy.

Here is my list of DVD's to buy as a core comdey collection. Some entries would require additional films by the director/actor if personal favorites.


Woody Allen: Sleeper or Manhattan

Mel Brooks: Young Frankenstein or Blazing Saddles

Peter Sellers: Dr. Strangelove (followed by Being There, The Party, Pink Panther)

Monty Python: Holy Grail

Spinal Tap

Animal house



Good Morning Viet Nam

Farrelly Bros: There's Something About Mary

In building a movie library I'd like to minimize the number of disks. After building a list of drama, golden age comdey, action, music, etc. the number of movies could get too large. I've already purchased too many lps and CDs so this time I'm trying to focus.

With Netflix.com I have a virtual library at my disposal so the and I usually only view a couple times so the need to own is much different than music.

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as long as we are talking about comedy "DVD", it's odd no one mentioned jerry seinfeld's I am telling u for the last time, or Chris Rock's Bigger and Blacker. Missed all of chris's HBO specials... are they on DVD? anyways, couple nights back, I saw Bigger and Blacker and it's one of the funnist shi*, understood why chris got all the publicity that he recieved. also saw kings of comedy but didn't get some of the jokes(perhaps a bit too old school for my asian immigrant a**), but Steve Harvey and Bernie Mac really saved the DVD, IMHO.

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