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KLF 30 no high output


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2 hours ago, EpicKlipschFan said:

 guess this is something not too many want to talk about?  

The Chief put his foot down recently in another thread JEM is officially off limits to any open discussion or criticism, they are the only factory approved supplier that's it. 


We all have to speak in unison, "JEM has the best sounding capacitors for Klipsch speakers" and tell anyone and everyone that who comes on this forum looking for re-cap advice, I'm surprised you didnt get the memo?

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14 hours ago, RandyH000 said:

go ahead  ---join the conversation on this thread , I am sure your opinion about capacitors will be  appreciated



still cant answer the question i see... but after reading that thread i saw your comments & you haven't even used them but somehow magically know they sound better...  :rolleyes:  


personally i have no opinion on this since ive never used them, thats why i asked what others thought.  i read that thread & appreciate wuzzers observations, was just curious what others thought that may have tested/compared them or what the difference/benefit of mylar vs poly is, regardless of brand.  my apologies if asking that is frowned upon now.     

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On 3/23/2021 at 12:42 PM, Budman said:

if i were a klipsch authorized dealer i would have brand new AA'a - B's and E's sitting on my shelf with the TI caps ready to go.

  Refurbished  Original kIlpsch crossovers -great idea

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